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Don't Forget About These 5 Details When Planning a Catered Party

Planning a catered party with Rogue Kitchens starts with outlining everything your event and guests need to have a great time. The venue, menu, and timetable are among the top considerations, working together to create a memorable experience. Here are five details to remember when planning full service catering for your party:

1. Goals

An all-day wedding reception has different catering requirements from a corporate luncheon. Some parties are thrown to celebrate anniversaries and achievements, while others are for specific holidays. When planning your party, consider the primary objectives, which can be anything from enjoying special meals and drinks to launching a new product. The goals of your private event define what meals and types of service you want.

2. Menu

When planning a catered party, consider your guests before finalizing the menu. Note how many guests will be attending, their preferred dishes, and any dietary restrictions. If some guests are allergic to a given ingredient, we can provide alternatives. You can order vegan dishes for guests who don't want animal products. Consider working around seasonal ingredients to trim your budget. At Rogue Kitchens, we offer packages for different events but customize all menus based on client requirements. We can provide fresh and sustainably-sourced dishes for your party.

3. Venue

The venue hosting your guests requires early preparation to optimize traffic flow and reduce inconveniences. Make sure there's enough space for our staff to set up their food stations and serve everyone. Check the lighting and power extensions required to keep your meals warm and ready for service. Rogue Kitchens has the equipment needed to prepare your meals and serve any group of guests. Our off-premise services allow you to arrange a catered party anywhere, provided you have the legal permits.

4. Budget

Your catered event requires a sound budget that accommodates all expenses. When planning your budget, work with a predetermined number of guests and meals. Focus on the must-haves, such as food, water, and drinks. Consider the courses and variety you would like, such as salty appetizers and sweet desserts, making sure guests have enough options to choose from. Plan meals for everyone, including children, adults, and special guests at your party. Rogue Kitchens can provide estimates to help you work out a budget. 

5. Caterers 

Planning a catered party can be overwhelming, especially when working with a large group. Involving experienced caterers can help relieve some of the pressure and responsibility of party planning. At Rogue Kitchens, we offer full service catering for various events. We aim to create complete experiences with our dishes, displays, and service. Our team can help you serve any group of guests with fresh and delicious meals. 

Full Service Catering For Private, Corporate, and Non-Profit Events

If you're looking for full service catering for your next party, Rogue Kitchens can help upgrade your event. We serve corporate, private, and non-profit events, so you can call us for weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, openings, galas, meetings, launches, and more. Our catering services are available for parties and events in Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, and The Hamptons. Contact us to find out more about our kitchens and catering services.