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Ode To The Trade

To us, catering is an ugly 8-lettered word.

Why? Such an ordinary word lumps our exceptional craftsmanship and walk-the-edge style of what we do into the same field as the uninspired hoards of companies that settle for transaction-like services.

To them, you are a job.

To us, your needs fuel our craft. Our art. Something you’d seek to experience.

To those who believe in merely “catering,” we are the outsiders... the rogues.


Until they come up with a word that can accurately describe the experience we provide, we’re stuck with “off-premise catering” as a way to describe what we do.

Full Service Off-Premise Catering for:

Social, corporate, and non-profit parties and events in Manhattan, NYC, Long Island, and The Hamptons

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your private event (wedding, birthday, social gathering), non-profit (gala, opening, fundraiser) or corporate (launch, fashion show, meeting).


Don’t settle for a service that brings you cookie-cutter food Go Rogue and challenge the status quo.

No longer will we follow the script. We’re changing the industry

We’re totally obsessed with food.

We partner with only the finest, most inspired local innovators in the dining industry. They too believe in the pursuit of an extraordinary experience through food.

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced, seasonal, always fresh, —but more than that, each dish is treated with the respect an artist has for their creation.

Each dish is designed to leave a lasting impression on all those who experience it.

We’re committed to our craft.

Our love of our craft forces us outside the boundaries of the normal...the boring..the mundane...

We have devoted our lives to cultivating experiences through food, drink, and extraordinary service. This forces us to constantly look inward to see how we can continuously evolve.

Our obsession has driven us to ledges that can be scary to walk, but it's something we wouldn’t trade for anything. We have found our purpose. We have found our calling... a trade worth being proud of.

We want to leave our mark.

We are changing the industry one event at a time. We want every dish, every drink to burrow into the memories of your guests and enchant them.

That is our art. Our impetus. It sets us apart from others.

Gone Rogue: A state of defiance

Displaying a degree of independence or failing to follow an expected script. Exhibiting maverick-like behavior, or bucking the status quo.

This is what defines us.
Our craft, attention to detail, elegance, and attitude forces people to question why they would settle for mere catering when what they could get is a Rogue Kitchens experience. 

We promise to always be ROGUE.

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